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Angels are watching over you

30 July
Im a twin. I love to eat. I hate shopping. My sis spoils me rotten. Im a good friend. I love music. I love cats. The wild kind mostly. Im addicted to TV. I spend most of my time chatting w/ friends. Im an internet whore. I crave attention, but deny it. Art is my first love. Im very hypocritical. Procrastination runs in the family genes. Dancing off beat is fun! I loathe roller coasters. Im a chocoholic. I laugh a lot. Nature soothes me. My mom is my hero. And my best friend. I love computer games. I love watching music videos. I loathe egotistical people. My moms cooking ROCKS! I love my friends. I love my family. I love to dance. Im a HUGE dork. I love lame jokes. I love writing poems. I have anger issues. I brood. I have an over active imagination. I love taking long walks in the park with my sis and my cousins. I LURV chocolate.
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